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Birthdate:Jan 19
Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
I seem so bleak because I hope so much.

My wife is the wise and beautiful cinemama, and we live with our sockmonkeys, the drunken monkeydoo and the silent Bones.

don't touch me. I'm a real livewire.

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1848, 1919, 300words of hack-porno backcopy, a/theology, above ground thermonuclear testing, academia, adult swim, aesthetics, alexander the great, anarcho-syndicalism, ancient greece, angst, anime, anthropomorphic fruit, apocamon, april 7th 331 bce, archilochan mercenary poets, aristophanes, athena, augustine, austin, australia, avant-garde, badtz maru, bah!, bauhaus, beckett, biblical studies, bigstupidwordsthatnooneknows, birkenstocks, black bile, braille stars, brittle stars, burning man, burroughsianmachinationofthedecadentwill, camus, catbus, cezanne, chippos, classics, coffeehouse ennui, college radio, critical theory, dadaism, david bowie, derrida, deusexmonkey, devo, dietrologia, donna tartt, e.e. cummings, eddie izzard, erring, euripides, existentialism, f&b, figure studies, film, foucault, futurism, gadamer, gender theory, genderfuckers, german romanticism, germany, gits, graham ward, homer, house of leaves, hubris, iliad, indie music, infinite jest, internet culture and theory, intersex, ivory tower, james joyce, john cage cocktail lounge, joy division, julia kristeva, kaiju big battel, karl barth, kate winslet, kendo, kieslowski, killrockstars, kraftwerk, kronos quartet, ladytron, limonata, macabre children's stories, macs, malakoi, mark c. taylor, mark tansey, mazzy star, miasma, my neighbor totoro, negative theology, neon genesis evangelion,, new order, new york times, nietzsche, npr, obscene amounts of books, oresteia, ovid, ovo-lacto, pacificism, peter greenaway, philosophy, philosophy for children, plato, plutarch, pompeii porn, post-texas, postmodernism, pulsars, queer theory, queering, ranma 1/2, right-brained,, sapiosexuality, sartre, schadenfreude, simone weil, songs of the deconstruction, stanley kubrick, strindberg and helium, sturm und drang, søren kierkegaard, takashi murakami, the book of armaments, the smiths, the sugargliders, the sundays, theory boys, tom tykwer, transtextualism, twee, university of texas, venting my spleen, violent femmes, weary innocence, weltschmerz, william s. burroughs, yale, yumpop
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